A Letter from Mr Greenwood

Dear Parents and Carers

What a great week we have had at school and our children are fantastic and working really hard. The reception Classes behaviour in the lunch hall has been amazing. What a credit to you as parents and very well done to all the children. Lunches have been a pleasure this week as a result of their  behaviour. Well done to Steph’s Class and Carolyn’s Class!

Not only have the Reception Classes been setting the tone for the school but the Ukulele lessons have really been enjoyed by the children with the sound drifting through the school! I am sure they will learn a lot through playing the instruments that are now becoming really popular. Who knows, maybe for those of you of a certain age, we may have another George Formby in the making!

Our partner Mosaica Education UK has recently become part of the Pansophic Learning. Oakwood Primary and our three other primary academies continue to be operated by Aurora Academies Trust so this won’t affect the running of these schools. However, you will notice the new Pansophic Learning UK logo being used on our letterheads etc. We look forward to building links with schools in the Pansophic international network.

We welcome Miss Cooke, who is doing a great job covering Miss Sheaf whilst she is on her maternity leave. We wish Miss Sheaf well and look forward to her returning with her additional family member to show off! In the meantime Miss Cooke will lead the class and take a full role in the life of the school.

A really big THANK YOU to the many supportive parents concerning the parking outside school. Thank you to Mrs. Foyle for her valiant efforts in wind and rain, to make it safer for our children coming in and out of school. It is only the safety of the children and the courtesy to our neighbours that we are concerned with and thank you for your support with this.

Movie club is working better with the split between Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. Again thank you to the Friends for organising this for the children. Those children that have been to the club seem to really enjoy it.

Looking ahead we have our celebration of National Number Day on the 4th February which I am sure will interest and excite the children, and Safer Internet Day takes place on the 9th February. It is really important that the children are taught how to use the internet safely and it staggers me as to how many young children have Facebook accounts etc. well below the legal age. Please support your children in making sure their on-line experience is a safe one!

John Greenwood

Executive Headteacher