Head of School Update 4th February 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,
Another busy week at Oakwood, culminating yesterday in our very successful Number Day. So many of the children and staff dressed up in very inventive ways, coming as playing cards, dice, stand alone numbers and who will ever forget Mr and Mrs 118!

Many of us older generation may not have thought of maths as fun, this is certainly not the case for our children. Thanks must go to Mr Spiers and Mrs Rodohan for organising the activities. Please look at the photos online.
We have had visits from the school nurses talking to the children about personal hygiene, this is especially important at the moment when we have a number nasty bugs doing the rounds. Children are being reminded to wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating.

Parent surveys are coming home today and we would be very grateful if they were returned by the 12th February so we can analyse them during half term.
Year 1 went on a protest march this morning. They are campaigning for Year 4 to come and read with them in their classrooms. They made their point very articulately and have persuaded Year 4 that this is a very worthwhile activity which will benefit everyone.
Have a good weekend.
Jane Foyle

Head of School