Interim Head of School Update – Friday 19th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to this week’s weekly update! It’s been another fantastic week at Oakwood Primary Academy, filled with learning, engagement and many, many smiles. I have been very impressed with the resilience that all of the pupils have shown. In Reception this week, pupils have been making their own fruit ice-lollies, practising and developing their cutting skills, and have made some amazing natural mobiles, collecting things from around the environment – you can see these hanging from the trees in the grounds. Our pupils in Year 1 have been solving number-problems and have planted some seeds, which they will look after and observe grow. We will update you on how well the plants do. In Year 6, pupils have enjoyed learning the nonsense-poem, Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll, and had even more fun making up their own versions and performing these. They have also been exploring and playing with words, and have learned what a ‘portmanteau’ is. Please see our Facebook page with some photographs from across the week.

Last week, I shared some of the things that the pupils themselves had said about their days in school. This was really well received, so we thought we would share some more…

Some of our pupils in Year 1 said,

“I enjoyed learning about wombats – they have a backwards pouch.” (Elsie-May)
“I loved taking away…it was hard but I liked it.” (Joe)
“I loved learning with Jigsaw Jack and games on the field.” (Rubi)
“I loved showing my work to Mr Laker. I got a gold sticker.” (Jack)
“I enjoyed Maths. I worked hard and Mrs Taylor gave me extra questions!” (Freddie)
“I liked the poem about chocolate cake!” (Angie)
“I like colouring in the mornings.” (Isla)
“I like doing Maths. We were taking away.” (Kate)
“I enjoyed playing games outside.” (Riley)


Some of our pupils in Year 6 said,

“I’ve enjoyed many things about being back but the best bit is the happiness in and around the school. It’s trying to catch us all!”

“It was great having the field to ourselves and doing lots of races – even dance ones!”

“I have really enjoyed the problem solving at school. It was so much fun when my friends and I were trying to beat each other.”

“My highlight this week was doing lots of art work and making a Father’s Day card that I can’t wait to give to him; I’m glad we’re back at school!”

“My highlight this week was the Team Challenges – they were awesome!”

“I’ve enjoyed being back because I get to see my friends and do some painting.”

“I have really enjoyed my bubble – it’s even better than talking to my friends. I had 12 weeks of holidays, now I’m glad it’s time to go back to school.”

“I can’t wait to finish my Jabberwocky work…this week has been awesome!”

“I feel I have settled well into my bubble and I cannot wait for next week!”


I hope you have all received a copy of the latest letter from Mr Tim McCarthy, CEO of AAT and had a chance to read this – a copy is available via the school’s website. Hopefully, the letter will provide some clarity around some of the arrangements for the remainder of this term. We are also busy thinking about the start of the new school year and making plans for this, including welcoming our new cohort of Reception pupils to Oakwood in September. One of the things that school staff have been working hard on is producing our fantastic new ‘starting school’ book – ‘Teddy’s First Day At School’. We’ve posted a link to the book on our Facebook page, so please take a look if you haven’t done so already. We will continue to update you with our plans for the new school year as and when we are able to.

Finally, I’d like to once again thank all of our pupils, their families and school staff for their continued hard-work, support and determination.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Mr R. Laker
Interim Head of School