Interim Head of School Update – Friday 3rd July 2020

Welcome to this week’s update! I hope this post finds you and your families well.

In this update, I will share some key dates for your diary and let you know about the learning that has been taking place in school this week.

Today, I was sent some amazing postcards from our pupils in Reception, retelling their safari adventures and the animals they saw on the way, whilst in Year 1, children have loved their landscape paintings and written their own ‘animal riddles’. Pupils in our Nursery have been finding things to help build a nest and Year 6 have been producing some incredible writing. Here are some quotes from some children in school.

Pupils in Year 1 said…

“I liked it when we were learning about the wombat.” – Riley
“Everything has been so fun! I liked the video about mischievous animals.” – Rubi
“I liked watching the giraffes and painting different trees, also going outside to draw flowers.” – Isla
“I really enjoyed writing about animals, learning about adjectives and guessing the animal.” – Angie
“I really liked doing Maths and playing guess the animal. I wrote about a rabbit.” – Kate
“I liked the hard Maths, painting the trees, playtimes and finishing my green merit chart!” – Joe

Pupils in Year 6 said…

“My weekly highlight was sketching a jar in art and describing a haunted scene in English.” – Grace

“My highlight was my written description of a haunted house in English.” – Bobby

“I really enjoyed the sketching work in Art as I have got so much better at it.” – Malcolm

“I have enjoyed writing a portal story as I have made a good character. I’ve enjoyed getting into the details of it.” – Maddison

“We’ve done quizzes this week and I won the quiz about Britain!  I scored 7/10. I knew that the River Severn was the longest river in Britain.” – Aleks

“I enjoyed the Ruin learning in English and writing our story.” – Bessie

“I have had an awesome week because I loved inventing my own island and writing about the film ‘Ruin’.” – Malik

“This week I have learnt about the seven continents and I can name all of them! I also enjoyed playing new games such as ‘Stuck in the mud’- social distancing version and sketching. I hope next week will be just as great.” – Ethan

“This has been yet another wonderful week back at school. I enjoyed writing about a short film called ‘Ruin’ and tackling challenges in Maths. We played lots of great games and did some sketching too. I can’t wait for next week! “- Ahren

Please see our Facebook page for some photos from across the week.

On Monday 6th July, we will be sharing our school organisation chart for next year. This will have information about your child’s class teacher for next year and the name of the class. Please find other upcoming dates for your diary:

Thursday 9th / Friday 10th July – New Reception Starters Visits

Monday 13th July – Summer Reports 2020

Friday 17th July – Last Day of Term 6 (school closes at 1.00pm to pupils in Reception, Y1 and Y6)

Monday 7th September – First Day of Term 1

We will continue to update you about other dates and events for your diary.


As you will be aware, the Government made a further announcement yesterday about the wider re-opening of schools, to all pupils, from September 2020. This is a really exciting announcement and we will be looking forward to welcoming the pupils back. Across the next few weeks, we will evaluate our current practices and procedures so that the return of all pupils can be achieved in away that keeps pupils, and their families, and staff safe. I will update you about this.

Finally, we today say ‘farewell’ to Chelsea, our Kitchen Manager, who begins her maternity leave. I’m sure you will join me in wishing Chelsea well!

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Mr R. Laker
Head of School