Accelerated Reader

Children in the juniors will continue to use Accelerated Reader this year.  Most parents and students are familiar with this program, but Year 3 and  new families to Oakwood may not be. 

At the beginning of each term your child will take the STAR reading test.  This test determines what their reading level will be for the term and together your child and I make their goal based on the AR suggested goal chart.  Once students know their scores they choose books based on their ability level and that look/sound interesting.

AR Home Connect

AR Home Connect is something new we are starting this year. We think it will be very useful for parents/carers and students.  It will mean you can check to see what books your child has read all the way back to their very first AR test.  In addition, you can see how many points they have towards their goal.  One of the best features is the e-mail sign-up.  Each time your child takes a quiz you can receive an email with their score.  Within AR Home Connect, there is also a link to the AR Book Finder site.  This site will allow you to look for books based on your child’s interest and/or level so you can choose books from home, the local library or buy suitable books.

Your child will be bringing home log in details this week.

AR Home Connect does not allow you to take tests from home.  Test taking must be done at school.

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