Charging Policy


Charging Policy




This policy statement has been drawn up in accordance with the requirements of Section 110 of the Education Reform Act 1988.  The policy is applicable to all registered pupils at Oakwood Primary Academy.




The school will charge in the following circumstances allowed by the Act:


  1. a)    The provision of music tuition given to pupils as individuals or of in groups up to four except where it is given to fulfil:
  • ·         Statutory duties relating to the National Curriculum
  • ·         Requirements specified in the syllabus for public exam


  1. b)     Materials involved in producing a “finished product” for Cooking, Craft, Design & Technology where a parent of the pupils has indicated in advance they wish to own the product.


  1. c)    Activities which take place wholly or mainly outside of school hours and which are not a part of the National Curriculum, e.g. outings, visits, cricket coaching, cycling courses.


Charges will be made for all or part of a pupil’s travel costs, board and lodging costs, materials and equipment, entrance fees, non-teaching staff costs, any insurance and costs of engaging teaching staff specifically for the activity.


  1. d)    Activities which involve pupils in nights away from home:


Charges will be made for board and lodgings during residential school trips.  The cost must not exceed the actual cost of the provision.


Where the trip takes place wholly, or mainly, during school hours children whose parents are in receipt of the following support payments will, in addition to having free school lunch entitlement, also be entitled to the remission of charges:


  • ·         Income Support
  • ·         Income Based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • ·         Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • ·         Child Tax Credit provided that the parent is not entitled to Working Tax Credit and their annual income does not exceed £16,040
  • ·         Guaranteed state Pension Credit
  • ·         An income related employment and support allowance that was introduced on 27 October 2008

A similar entitlement applies where the trip takes place outside of school hours but is necessary as part of the national curriculum.


Voluntary Contributions


Voluntary contributions will be sought from parents for activities which supplement the normal school curriculum, e.g. outings and visits which take place wholly or mainly during school hours; visits to the school by theatre groups and organisations providing an educational service.


When voluntary contributions are requested, the terms of the request will clearly state:


  1.                       i.        There is no obligation to contribute
  2.                     ii.        Pupils will not be treated any differently according to whether or not their parents have made a                                                       contribution
  3.                    iii.        The proposed activity may not take place unless a substantial majority of parents contribute
  4.                    iv.        A suggested amount for a contribution to cover costs.


Remission of Charges


It is the policy of the Governing Body:

–       To remit charges in full or in part any charge payable for a pupil for school activities if it is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances in which the pupils  participation in the activity should be regarded as a priority, but the parents are unable to meet all or part of the charge.  This will normally be the case where parents are in receipt of income support and working family tax credit and who are unable to give a donation.

–       To look at individual cases where parents have been unable to give a donation

–       To agree how to fund shortfalls for activities


Income from sales – Non profit making


Some goods may be purchased through the school for the convenience of the parents, pupils or Teachers.  The school will not seek to make a profit from these sales.  Goods in this category include school clothing, books, book bags, recorders etc.


Income from sales – Profit making


Some goods will be sold through the school with the intention of making a profit and thus raising money for the school, PTA or other charity.  Goods in this category include school photographs, bring and buy items etc which may be subject to VAT.


Income from Donations


From time to time the school will seek voluntary donations for specific purposes.  This may be via non-uniform days, sponsorship etc.  It will be made clear at the time of asking that such donations are voluntary and the purpose for which the donations will be used.


Income from Lettings


The finance committee annually review and set charges made for the use of the school premises.  The charges include actual caretaking costs, insurance and a premises charge.


The finance committee will endeavour to avoid charging the PTA for its activities in the school.




Authority for day-to-day management of the policy is delegated to the Headteacher who will determine the costs of activities other than those set by the Governors.


The level of charges is a matter for the Governing Body