Placement, Promotion and Retention Policy

Purpose: The Arts and Sciences Preparatory Academy has established and maintains high standards for all students by establishing clear academic expectations, monitoring student achievement and communicating student progress to parents/guardians in a continuous and systematic manner. Arts and Sciences Preparatory Academy does not practice social promotion but rather places and promotes students according to each students’ instructional level. Recognizing the unique developmental needs of each student, the most appropriate educational setting will be determined to meet those needs and a Personalized Student Achievement Plan will be designed to support academic groth.

Placement Policy Statement: All newly enrolled students applying to enter grades 3-8 are required to take a standards-based placement assessment to determine the student’s most appropriate grade level assignment. This assessment must take place prior to the student’s first day of school. Students placing at a grade level below chronological age may have the opportunity to participate in summer school for the purpose of gaining skills and knowledge necessary to advance. In order to take advantage of this educational opportunity, students must complete placement testing prior to May 30th. At the conclusion of summer school, a final placement test will be administered to determine placement.

Performance Series Scaled Score Grade Level Targets:

To be placed at grades 3-8, a student’s scaled score must fall above the 25th percentile for mathematics and reading. See scaled score targets below. Fall, winter or spring norms will be used depending on enrollment date.


Grade            Fall                         Winter                         Spring

2                     1893                          1967                             2078

3                     2081                          2153                             2247

4                     2231                          2263                             2349

5                     2323                         2368                             2443

6                     2429                         2416                             2528

7                     2495                          2507                            2571

8                     2535                          2559                             2663


Grade             Fall                         Winter                         Spring

2                     1774                          1884                             2032

3                     2050                          2159                             2257

4                     2286                          2306                             2441

5                     2457                          2496                             2585

6                     2591                          2564                              2677

7                     2659                          2663                              2727

8                     2747                           2711                              2793

Promotion and Retention Policy Statement: No Student shall be promoted to the next successive grade level baed on age or other social reason unrelated to academic performance.

To be promoted, students must meet or exceed the following targets:

1. Mastery in all major content areas as evidenced by grade level report cards.

2. To be promoted to grades three through eight, a student’s scaled score on the academy’s standards-based assessment must fall above the 25th percentile in mathematics and reading.

3. All students must demonstrate a 95% or better attendance rate.

Students who are placed or retained below chronological grade level may be required to participate in some or all of the following interventions:

-After School Tutorial

-Summer School

-Saturday School

-Supplemental Course Work

-Individualized Assistance through the Intervention Assistance Team/Student Assistance Team.

Responsibility: Decisions regarding a student’s placement, promotion or retention will be determined on an individual basis based on academic results. The Chief Academic Officer shall have the final responsibility of determining grade level placement and promotion or retention of each student. Parents/guardians will be notified in writing at the end of the second quarter of children in danger of retention. A conference will be scheduled at a time convenient for all parties to discuss the student’s achievement, attendance, effort, work habits, behavior and other factors related to learning.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of the Rehabilitation Act

Students who are identified disabled under the IDEA of the Rehabilitation Act or a Section 504 will be promoted or retained in accordance with the IEP Team recommendations, as documented in the IEP.