General FAQ’s


An academy is a state-funded, community school serving local residents. Academies are accessible to all families, and remain part of the family of local schools. They provide free education for students of all abilities.

Each academy has its own Local Academy Board (LAB) and each of these Boards includes representatives from the academy’s parents and careers, staff and local community members. Ultimate legal responsibility for all matters relating to each academy resides with the Aurora Academies Trust Board.

Aurora’s academies aim to provide students with an exemplary education. Highly-qualified, well-trained teachers apply time-proven methodologies to instill a lifetime love of learning. Pupils gain a firm mastery of key skills of literacy and numeracy and the curriculum is designed to inspire and motivate them.



Each academy is distinctive in its own right, as it needs to meet the needs and demands of its community and pupils. There is an expectation that each academy leader will ensure that the work of their academy is of the highest standard, in turn raising aspiration within the community.

That said there are some distinctive principles and practices which run throughout all Aurora academies and set us apart from others, in essence, our DNA.

  • The Curriculum: Student engagement is at the heart of all learning and teaching. Mastery of literacy and numeracy provides the platform for academic success.  The Paragon Curriculum then builds on the humanities as the driver for accelerated learning. This model has been used with huge success in schools worldwide. Children experience an interdisciplinary, chronological journey through the history of great ideas and great people in world culture. The support materials provided for Paragon are interactive and draw heavily on the use of technology. Learning is underpinned by hands-on, co-operative activities which are directed towards building confidence, developing independence and giving children resilience as learners. The fun and engaging learning opportunities mean that children are immersed in real-life problem solving.
  • Parental involvement: Aurora always aims to work in partnership with parents and careers. This approach works hard at doing more than involving parents and actually strives to engage them in supporting learning.



AAT academies follow all local and national legal requirements.  Our academies are fully inclusive, are non-selective and are open to children from all backgrounds, cultures, fatiths and abilities.



The academies continue to be state-funded, community primary schools serving their local residents. They are accessible to all families, and have remained part of their local family of schools.

The legal responsibility for all matters relating to each academy resides with the AAT Trust Board, a body comprised of local and national representatives as well as Pansophic Learning executive personnel.

Each Academy has its own Local Academy Board (LAB) and each of these Boards includes representatives from the academy’s parents and careers, staff and local community members.


The Academies currently sponsored by AAT include:

King Offa Primary Academy

Down Rd,


East Sussex

TN39 4HS

01424 211 548


Glenleigh Park Primary Academy

Gunters Lane,


East Sussex

TN39 4ED

01424 213611


Oakwood Primary Academy

Magnolia Drive,


East Sussex

BN22 0SS

01323 501251


Heron Park Primary Academy

Dallington Road,


East Sussex

BN22 9EE

01323 502525


The Gatwick School

23 Gatwick Road


RH10 9TP

01293 538779



We ensure that any professional joining an Aurora academy will find a good level of both challenge and support. If you are the type of person who is up for the challenge of making a difference and want to work with like-minded professionalsn , thethis could be the place for you.

If you are a parent of a child attending an Aurora academy, you can expect the highest standard of education for your son or daughter. You will be involved in their school life, welcomed and valued as part of the whole school community.

Anyone joining the Aurora family at this exciting time can be instrumental in determining the future direction of the academy and the Trust. There is access to a range of resources, opportunities and networks not available to the majority of school or academy leaders in England. Being part of an international organisation will opens doors for you and broaden your horizons.



For schools interested in becoming an academy and information for existing academies, local authorities and sponsors can be found by following this link: