What is Paragon?

Paragon is an innovative programme ofexcellence intitiated by Mosaica’s co-founder,

Dawn Eidelman in the United States and

adapted for use  in England. Paragon takes

students on a chronological journey through

the history of great ideas across the globe.

The programme inspires children to aim high

and prepares them to become the flexible

thinkers, designers and leaders of the 21stcentury.

Children learn about different cultures through a ‘Hands On’ practical approach which encompasses proven educational methods including the theory of Multiple Intelligences and Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Children feel as though they are in a certain place in a certain time, as they learn about different cultures through role play, music, art and design, construction and research. Paragon is a web based resource that asks questions about the past and encourages students to reflect on how this can influence our lives today and in the future. The learning which takes place withinParagon lessons positively impacts other subjects such as English and Maths too.
From the  Foundation stage to Year 6, children study eight units a year.At the end of each unit,children prepare a Paragon Assembly or event to showcase what they have learned. This alsoforms part of their cumulative assessment process.  Parents and friends are encouraged toattend performances or particpate in schoolwide events and these have already proved anoutstanding success. 

Here is what children at Oakwood Primary Academy have to say about Paragon:


Ellis, Year 4: ‘I like the myths because they’re interesting.’


Mahee, also Year 4 : ‘I liked making the clay pots from Mesopotamia.’


Matthew, Year 5 : ‘I like thinking about and designing what I will make.’


Callie, Year 5: ‘I like how full of energy and creativity this unit on the Middle Ages is.’


Elly, Year 5: ’I like this unit  because you get to design your own home with front elevations and floor plans.’


Lily, Year 2 : ‘I think it’s good because we made houses out of lego and sand and straw.’


Hilly, Year 2 : ‘I liked making the globe out of paper-mache. It’s cool!’