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Sports Premium Funding


At Oakwood we believe that developing capabilities across a range of subjects is vital, and physical activity is important in developing the whole child.  In 2015 we received £9460.00 as part of the Governments initiative to improve PE and sports in primary schools is used to fund almost all of the cost of commissioning Sportitude which is organised by Mr Mark Griffiths. We received £5553 in November 2015 and anticipate that the academic year funding for 2016 will remain at a similar level to the previous year. Mr Griffiths is a qualified, experienced and proven professional sports coach to work with children at the school, on a regular basis. Mr Griffiths also runs extra-curricular activities, and organises collaborative projects with external organisations. Students develop physical and technical skills in general fitness and specific sports.  The impact of such activities include positive impacts on health and well being, team-working skills, collaboration, communication and also seasonal sports. Through the Sportitude programme:

  • All children understand importance of correct preparation before sessions and can explain why they wear certain clothes for certain activities and why we tie hair, remove earrings etc
  • We rarely have children saying they don’t want to do PE and those who cannot take part enjoy being involved with scoring and session management.
  • The older children are capable of working together to create, organise and manage their own mini activities with scoring and rules.
  • They can very quickly set-up and put away activities, taking responsibility for their own equipment and helping others.
  • The children have become more hardy. It is now more likely that they will not want to go and get patched up after an injury because they want to keep playing. “I don’t want to let my team down” is a common statement.
  • The lunchtime staff report that the children clearly have a greater understanding of correct and safe use of equipment and spend more time using said equipment and facilities correctly because they now know how to. It has been noted that some children who had previously been under achievers at sport and had a poor mental relationship with it have come to enjoy the sessions as much as any other pupils.
  • Our method of short bursts of different activities mean the children have exposure to a greater variety of sports which not only helps their skill levels but has lead to some children joining outside of school clubs in sports they were not previously aware of.
  • The children’s core skills have improved-they are more co-ordinated and agile, have developed tactical awareness and some basic anatomical and physiological understanding.
  • Our ASCs regularly attract 30 – 40 attendees and Climb & Jump club is always at capacity with a waiting list.
  • The vast majority of children now see themselves as part of a team and understand how breaking rules and slowing sessions down effects everyone and is disrespectful to the rest of the group and the adult(s).
  • The pupils accept that sport involves a combination of luck, teamwork, individual brilliance, mistakes, bad refereeing decisions to name a few. They can accept defeat and be gracious winners, abide by the referee’s decision at all times and appreciate that without the other team(s) there wouldn’t be a match at all, so thank them for a good game.

In addition to Sportitude, we run a football club for children to enjoy once a week.

We have used £3797.00 of the funding received so far, and provision of PE will continue to the same level until the end of the academic year.  This will mean that all the Sports Premium Funding will be spent this academic year and the shortfall will be met through the school budget.  PE also continues to be taught by classroom teachers in addition to the expert provision by Mr Griffiths.

If you require any further information about provision at Oakwood, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  Further information about PE and Key Findings from Government research, please visit: Evidence on physical education and sport in schools: key findings (DfE, 2013)
For more information on the PE and Sport Grant Allocation, please visit: Department for Education Guidance on the Grant