The Staff

Name Position/Responsibilities

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Tim McCarthy Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Jane Foyle Headteacher
Mr Joshua Paramor Deputy Headteacher

Leadership Team

Mrs Debbie Whitmore Business Manager
Mrs Faye O’Reilly SENDCo/DSL
Mrs Carolyn Jacques Reception Teacher/Infant Lead
Mr Andrew Spiers Yr 6 Teacher/Junior Lead
Mrs Kerry Wood Engagement Lead
Miss Rachel Hills Nursery Lead
Mrs Tina Potter Year 1/2 Phase Lead
Mr David Sharp Year 3/4 Phase Lead

Vulnerable Groups Team

Mrs Faye O’Reilly SENDCo/DSL
Mrs Kerry Wood Teacher/Engagement Lead/DDSL
Mrs Valerie Rodohan Pupil Premium Lead
Miss Stephanie Clark Early Years SEN Lead
Mrs Jackie Cook Support staff/Nurture Specialist
Mrs Carol Snelgrove Support staff/Nurture Specialist
Mrs Veronica Rogers Support staff/INA
Mrs Pam Courtier Support staff/Speech and Language Specialist

Foundation Village

Miss Rachel Hills Nursery Lead
Miss Shannon Weller Early Years Practitioner
Miss Tia Jestico Early Years Practitioner
Miss Esther Glason Early Years Practitioner
Miss Aimee Scarman Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Carolyn Jacques Reception Teacher/Infant Lead/Paragon support
Miss Stephanie Clark Reception Teacher/EYFS SEN Lead
Mrs Maxine Goddard Senior Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Nikki French Support staff

Infant Team

Mrs Tina Potter Yr 2 Teacher/Phase Leader/Paragon Lead
Miss Kirsty Davies Yr 1 Teacher/Phonics Lead/PWP support
Mrs Emma Taylor Yr 1 Teacher/Science & KS1 Reading Lead
Mrs Christina Ellwood Yr 2 Teacher/ICT support
Mrs Tina Woollard Support Staff
Mrs Sara Dyson Support staff
Mrs Tanya Devine Support Staff
Miss Vicki Russell

Mrs Michelle Clark

Support Staff

Support Staff

Junior Team

Mr David Sharp Yr 4 Teacher/Phase Leader/Maths-X Tables
Mr Christian Sapsford Yr 3 Teacher/Science support
Mrs Valerie Rodohan Yr 3 Teacher/Pupil Premium Lead
Miss Kelly Sheaf Yr 4  Teacher/Paragon Support
Miss Jasmine Jay Yr 5 Teacher/RE Lead/PSHE support
Mr Lewis Croft Yr 5 Teacher/Maths Lead
Miss Lucy Elms Yr 6 Teacher/KS2 Reading Lead/PWP support
Mr Andrew Spiers Y6 Teacher/Junior Lead/ICT Lead
Mrs Shelley Trigwell Support Staff
Mrs Christa Teague Support staff
Mrs Helen Ekroth Smith Support Staff
Mrs Jackie McCarthy Support Staff
Mrs Laura Towsey Support staff

Whole School Cover Provision

Mrs Sharon Meredith Cover Supervisor
Mr Luke Bennett PE Cover

Administration & Premises

Mrs Elizabeth Read School Secretary
Mrs Laura Agrela Marketing and Admin Assistant
Mrs Karen Mitchell Admin Assistant
Mr Ken Trigwell Site Manager
Miss Pinkie Brown Cleaner

Lunch Support Team

Mrs Cath Hendy Midday Supervisor
Mrs Michelle Clark Midday Supervisor
Mrs Clare Dale Midday Supervisor
Mrs Tamara Picton Midday Supervisor